Monday, February 17, 2014


I had a reasonably productive weekend.  I completed my Database lab 3 and submitted it. Lab 3 was creating a SQL file that created a database off of an ERD we were given.  I also studied for the 4050 quiz in an effort to do better than last week.  

If f(n) < nlogba Then T(n) = O(nlogba)
If f(n) = nlogba Then T(n) = O(nlogbaln(n))
If f(n) > nlogba Then T(n) = O(f(n))

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Code of Federal Regulations Title 21

I've been doing more research on  the Code of Federal Regulations Title 21 In an attempt to make my MURR Balance Software GxP for use in certain lab settings.  After a few emails with a coworker it sounds like the GLP labs haven't done GLP work in quite some time and that it may be a non-issue.  Regardless I made some changes to the way files are saved by making all files saved as read only and writing the date at the top of the file.  Also I may be helping in make fixes to MURR's webpage.  It sounds like some of the content on it is out dated or missing and needs to be cleaned up.  

The project can be found on my GitHub


I had recently read about Impostor Syndrome and realized that I can very much relate to the feeling of not thinking I'm all I'm cracked up to be.  So in an attempt to assuage my fears I decided to make a blog that would simply list what I did today.  Hopefully when I look back at my old posts I will be able to realize that I am actually reasonably competent at what I do.